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HeyIT is a Managed Service Provider (MSP), a third-party consultancy hired for outsourced computing and IT-related job functions in a business. These job day-to-day management functions include services like cloud computing, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity threat monitoring. At HeyIT, we can provide these services in a more cost-effective way than the enterprise can do alone. Since technology is always evolving and becoming more complex, by having an MSP your company will always stay compliant and up-to-date with the new changes.


To name just a few of HeyITs services, we can provide 24/7 technical support to staff, deploy and maintain IT infrastructure, manage and design networks, employ Intrusion Prevention, create full data backups, ensure Disaster Recovery, provide information security cybersecurity suites and compliance and risk management for digital systems. This guarantees the business cost-effective, efficient and reliable IT operations with enhanced security and compliance.


On Site Tech Support

HeyIT also offers on-site support for businesses in Scotland, with bases of engineers available on request from Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.


Our engineers have the capability to:

Upgrade your on-site internet, install TV screens, deploy company devices, VOIP solutions and much more…


G1gabyte also works with third parties to complete jobs and are always looking for partners in this space. Are you a business that needs on-site support in the UK, though currently don’t have anyone available in a certain area we serve? Whether it be a one-off job or on a regular basis, we have the solutions fit for any business. Email to learn more…

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